Neumann Engineering


We re-designed an in-line Rock Box for the Dredging arm of Neumann Group so that it would withstand the loads required over its lifetime. After using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to confirm that the existing solution was not suitable for the required loads, our engineers delivered a new optimised design including a detailed engineering report and manufacturing package.
Neumann Engineering designed a utility trailer to transport railway rails measuring around 18 metres and weighing 1 tonne. Finite Element Analysis was used at different design stages to determine maximum stresses and test the performance of the design. A range of requirements were included such as specified height to make work easier for tradespeople on site, a turning angle of 20°, knife edge supports for rails and more.
A revolution in water treatment equipment, Neumann Engineering designed a semi-automatic water membrane feeding device for a Gold Coast desalination plant. The final design, a stainless steel membrane feeder, has been used on multiple projects, significantly reducing the manual labour required for membrane replacement.
Our engineers created a set of manufacturing drawings and CNC cut files of three welded hanging frames for a reo jig. Used to manufacture a concrete pier on a new bridge, these hanging frames suspended the reo bars in a cage so they could be welded in place. The reo cage could then be lifted and placed inside the concrete footing of one of the bridge piers.
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