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Utility Trailer for 1T Tram Rails

We designed a utility trailer to move 1T tram rails measuring 18m long. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was used at different stages to determine maximum stresses and test the performance of the design. We also developed the design ergonomically with the operator in mind.


Move Large Rail Batches Around Industrial Coating Facility

After winning a local project processing over 2,000 sections of tram rail, Neumann Industrial Coatings had the challenge of moving large batches of rail around their facility. Their project required the 18m long rails to be sandblasted and painted, so they approached our team to custom-design a utility trailer.


Make Blasting & Painting as Easy as Possible

To properly manoeuvre the tram rails around the facility, Neumann Industrial Coatings needed the utility trailer design to be able to carry eight rails at a time. It was also important to leave enough space between the rails so that operators could easily walk around and paint the sides and underneath. For easy use, they requested a 20-degree turning circle, as well as an ergonomic design at a height that was optimised for the blasting and spraying process.


A Utility Trailer Optimised for the Operator

We designed the utility trailer with the operator in mind, making it easier to reduce fatigue and give them access to the most critical parts of each rail. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was used at different design stages to determine maximum stresses and test the performance of the design.

Utility trailer specifications:

  • 6m wide and 12m long
  • 8T working load limit
  • Approximately 1.5m high (chest height to make it easy for the tradesperson working on the rails)
  • Off-the-shelf axle hubs and tyres
  • Telescopic drawbar designed to be towed by a forklift
  • 20-degree turning angle
  • Designed to minimise sand media build-up with limited horizontal surfaces
  • Knife edge supports for rails
  • Low total part count
  • Use of commonly available steel sections
  • Easy connection to forklift for towing with jockey wheel stand
  • Fully complaint to AS 3990


Customised for the operator

With the operator at the centre of the design, we made each rail easily accessible for blasting and spraying. The height was also optimised to allow the operator to use the most ergonomic method—leaving the blast gun over their shoulder and shooting straight at the rail.

Optimised for easy blasting and spraying

To reduce the transfer of blast grit from the blasting shed into the paint shed, the trailer design has minimal horizontal surfaces. To maximise the coverage of the painted area, we also made the edges where the trails sit as thin as possible.

Designed for efficient maintenance

Our consulting engineers futureproofed the design by making the parts easy to replace due to wear or failure of the system. It features off-the-shelf high load forklift wheel and hub assemblies that are readily available so that they can get the system back up and running within a few hours.

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