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3D Scanning

Fast, precise industrial 3D modelling.

Capture detailed mechanical and industrial models with our cost-effective, high-precision 3D scanning. Our consulting engineers are specialists in creating quality 3D models of complex parts, components, and structures using cutting-edge technology.  

Expert Neumann Engineering consultant reviewing a tailored engineering design solution.

Our 3D Scanning Services

  • Custom Designs
  • Digital Models
  • Compliance
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Safety inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Geometric Dimensioning
  • Quality Control
  • Re-creating obsolete parts
  • Verification of existing structures (scan to finite element analysis)

What are the Benefits of Our 3D Scanning?

  • More accurate and fast reverse engineering
  • Precise measurements and detailed 3D models
  • Detect defects and improve product quality
  • Fast design, prototyping, and manufacturing
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced downtime


70+ year History

We’re part of Neumann Group—known for being industry innovators since 1948.

3D Modelling Specialists

Our consulting engineers have extensive 3D modelling experience across a variety of industries and projects.

Cutting-edge 3D Laser Scanning

We use the latest technology to create precise 3D models and prototypes, giving you clarity and confidence before final production.

Precise and Fast

Speed up design, prototyping, and quality control with an efficient team of consulting engineers focused on precision and innovation.

Direct Support

Talk to the right person without the hassle. Our expert consulting engineers provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure maximum performance.


We offer RPEQ and CPEng certification for new and existing designs as well as statements of compliance with Australian and International Standards.

Expert Neumann Engineering consultant reviewing a tailored engineering design solution.

Cutting-edge 3D Scanning Technology

As a core part of what we do, our team use innovative Artec 3D laser scanners. Using this technology, we capture accurate data in real time, rapidly bringing your project to life. It lays the foundation for design optimisation, quality control, and manufacturing efficiency. 

Artec 3D scanners at a glance:

  • 3D point accuracy up to 0.1mm
  • 3D replica built in real time
  • Captures intricate details of small to large industrial objects in high resolution
  • Accurate render of complex geometry
  • Ability to reverse engineer or make a modification with 100% certainty it will fit once manufactured.

3D Scanning for
Reverse Engineering

Achieve greater accuracy and faster results than other reverse engineering methods with our advanced 3D scanning. Our team uses 3D scanning to capture a digital replica of your objects that we then analyse, modify, or recreate depending on your needs.

Precise Measurements and Detailed 3D Models

Achieve precise measurements and detailed 3D models of components, equipment, and systems. The precision of our 3D laser scanners and expertise of our team makes this process fast and cost-efficient.

Detect Defects

Make sure your equipment and processes are safe and efficient. Our 3D scanning service provides a fast and accurate way to detect defects or opportunities to improve performance. Our consulting engineers can work with you to model new or existing components, equipment, and systems.

Quality Assurance

Our 3D scanning service is an extremely powerful quality assurance tool. We can take 3D scans of manufactured components and use them to perform geometric analysis against the 3D CAD model to identify any area where the fabrication/machining doesn’t comply with the design.

Fast Prototyping and Manufacturing

Using advanced 3D laser scanning technology, our consulting engineers create precise digital models—fast. These can then be refined and tested before being transformed into physical prototypes. This streamlined process reduces the amount of design iterations and speeds up the manufacturing process, saving you time and money.

Cost Savings

By speeding up prototyping and modelling while providing precise details, 3D modelling can lead to significant cost-savings. As well as speeding up your manufacturing process, our 3D scanning specialists will reduce material waste by optimising your design for the industry, use, and conditions.

Reduced Downtime

With reliable, fast failure analysis, our 3D scanning capabilities can help you reduce downtime. By proactively identifying weaknesses or rapidly identifying where something has gone wrong, you can use our 3D scanning service to keep operations running smoothly or get that back up again as soon as possible.

Our 3D Scanning Methods

To meet your specific requirements and needs, our consulting engineers use a range of 3D scanning methods. The result is detailed and high-quality designs that are refined for optimum performance, safety, and cost.

  • Structured-light scanning to capture high level of detail 
  • Laser scanning to capture intricate geometries 
  • Photogrammetry to create 3D photograph models 

Our 3D Scanning Process

We make high-quality modelling easy and cost-effective using a streamlined process. Our advanced 3D scanning is used across our engineering consulting services and is also available as a standalone service.

Our 3D scanning service includes the following steps:

  1. Initial consultation to talk through your requirements
  2. We gather any necessary details and parts
  3. Our engineers perform a 3D scan onsite using high tech handheld equipment
  4. We process your 3D model and send it to you


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Lindsay Hart

NCI engaged Neumann Engineering Services to deliver a custom diesel hydraulic drum winch specifically designed for cable hauling. The machine was designed and manufactured to meet our unique requirements for speed control and tension monitoring and the team at NCI could not be happier with the level of technical expertise shown during the design process and with the high quality engineering solution provided. The winch has proven to be a reliable asset, being proven in arduous underground tunnelling conditions



Paul Watson

Neumann Engineering Services provide high quality engineered design solutions to our business that always ensure that safety aspects , operational efficiencies and ease of constructability are considered. The Engineering team adopt a professional, flexible and consultative approach in order to achieve the specifications of the project.




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