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Structural Design

Future-thinking designs made for the challenges of today.

With a long history in structural engineering, we have the expertise to deliver innovative solutions that stand the test of time. From equipment support frames to mechanical plant structures, our experts use advanced modelling and simulation techniques to analyse structural performance, identify potential issues, and optimise design. Our services follow strict quality assurance procedures and meet AS 3990.

Our Structural
Design Services

  • Equipment support frames
  • Load test rigs
  • Bulk materials handling bins, tippers, and frames
  • Tank support frames
  • Load cell frames
  • Mechanical plant structures


70+ year History

We’re part of Neumann Group—known for being industry innovators since 1948.


We use the latest technology—such as Autodesk, AutoCAD, Revit, and SolidWorks— to create precise 2D and 3D models.

Efficient and Accurate

Get optimised and accurate designs delivered efficiently. Our specialists use their expertise and advanced tools to deliver high quality designs that are reliable, strong, and fit for purpose.

Quality Assurance

We follow a strict quality assurance process and make sure your drafting designs meet Australian Standards such as AS 3990.


We offer RPEQ and CPEng certification for new and existing designs as well as statements of compliance with Australian and International Standards.

Direct Support

Talk to the right person without the hassle. Our expert consulting engineers provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure maximum performance.


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Safety and Compliance
Gain peace of mind knowing your structure is safe, reliable, and completely compliant. We follow industry codes and regulations to meet compliance and safety standards. Our rigorous approach includes structural analysis, quality control, and collaboration with regulatory bodies.
Tailored Solutions for Diverse Structures

Whether you’re seeking a frame or test rig design, we provide tailored solutions for your industry and application. Our consulting engineers work with you, incorporating requirements and budgetary constraints into the final design. With our expertise and strong industry connections, we deliver innovative and high-quality structural engineering design solutions to efficient timelines.

Designed to Last
Gain complete confidence in your design with accurate fatigue analysis that makes sure your structure will last. We test our structural engineering solutions to a range of real-world conditions to identify any potential issues before physical prototyping begins.
Easy, Safe Access
When required, we incorporate safe access and walkway systems into our structural engineering design. These are designed in accordance with AS1657 and AS4024, making sure the structure is safe to work on and around.
Innovation and Cutting-edge Technology Adoption

At Neumann Engineering, we thrive on innovation and embrace emerging technologies to push boundaries and overcome challenges. Our forward-thinking solutions are the result of our rich 70+ year background combined with exploration of new methodologies, materials, and construction techniques. Our consulting engineers also carefully consider future needs, providing the flexibility and adaptability your need for a futureproofed steel structure design.


Lindsay Hart

NCI engaged Neumann Engineering Services to deliver a custom diesel hydraulic drum winch specifically designed for cable hauling. The machine was designed and manufactured to meet our unique requirements for speed control and tension monitoring and the team at NCI could not be happier with the level of technical expertise shown during the design process and with the high quality engineering solution provided. The winch has proven to be a reliable asset, being proven in arduous underground tunnelling conditions



Paul Watson

Neumann Engineering Services provide high quality engineered design solutions to our business that always ensure that safety aspects , operational efficiencies and ease of constructability are considered. The Engineering team adopt a professional, flexible and consultative approach in order to achieve the specifications of the project.




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